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Concept examples

To experience the concepts of Jitar we've created examples for them. Each example can be viewed and downloaded from the repository.

Hello world

In this example you’ll find the simplest Jitar application possible. It doesn’t have to be complicated, does it?

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This example demonstrates how to distribute an application in production. It also shows the simple setup that is required for development purposes.

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Load balancing

Jitar comes with load balancing capabilities out-of-the-box. This example demonstrates how to load balance application segments by running them on multiple nodes.

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Not every function should be publicly available. You’ll see how to protect the access to a function.

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Multi version

Having multiple versions of the same function is easy when migrating parts of the application to the next version. The example shows how to create multiple versions for a function and how to register them as versioned functions in a segment.

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Data transportation

Sharing data between services is crucial when communicating. In this example we demonstrate how data is transported between segments.

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Error handling

Jitar provides a large number of errors out-of-the-box. But when you want to use a custom error, this example will show how those are supported.

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Node client

This example demonstrates how to set up a node client. It’s for you when you already have a node client and seek an alternative to our RPC API.

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Health checks

For the health of a cluster it’s important that nodes can communicate their health status. In this example you’ll learn how to create heath checks and request the health of a service.

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Middleware is useful for manipulating requests and responses. In this example we demonstrate how to create and add custom middleware.

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When the frontend of the application is not hosted by Jitar you want to enable cors on the web server. Jitar provides a cors middleware and in this example we demonstrate how to enable cors.

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Jitar is a project by Masking Technology