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Jitar can be used in new and existing projects.

New projects

We provide a CLI tool to quickly create a project with or without a frontend framework. We currently support React, Vue, Svelte, SolidJs and Lit. To create a Jitar application, run in your terminal:

npm create jitar@latest

Enter the project name, select a frontend framework (or none) and run the prompted commands.

cd [project-name]
npm install
npm run build
npm run standalone

Now you should be able to access the application on http://localhost:3000

With Jitar all set up you're ready to build your application. In the DEVELOP section you can find more information on how to structure and build great applications.

Existing projects

For existing projects Jitar can be added as additional dependency by running the following command in your terminal:

npm install --save jitar

For integrating Jitar in your project you can follow our tutorial.

Jitar is a project by Masking Technology