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Jitar logs all activity, errors and more. To control the amount of logging, you can set the level of interest. The log level is provided as a server option by using the flag --loglevel during startup.

node --experimental-network-imports dist/standalone.js --loglevel=debug --config=services/standalone.json

This flag is optional. When not set, the default log level info is used. Other options are debug, warn or error. All levels will be explained next.

Warning: It’s not possible to provide an output location, so all the messages are printed pretty in the console. Rerouting the log to a file from the console results in a hard to read log file.


The debug level is the most verbose level. It will output all debug, info, warn and error messages. The debug level contains messages of running background processes. These are:

  • Health requested
  • Health status requested

It's advisable to not use the debug level in production because the health of a worker gets requested frequently. If you experience any issues with this, you can use this mode.


The info level will output all info, warn and error messages. The info level contains messages for all normal actions. These are:

  • Startup message
  • Assets retrieved
  • Client registration
  • Module retrieval
  • Worker registration / retrieval
  • Registered procedure names
  • Forward message
  • RPC registration / execution

You can use this level in production, but it is still quite verbose. If you don't need this information then the next level might be a better choice.


The warn level will output all warn and error messages. The warn level contains messages for all unexpected results that are not errors. These are:

  • Asset that could not be found

We advise to use this or the info level in production.


The error level is the most severe level. This level contains messages of all runtime errors. These are:

  • Asset that could not be loaded
  • Module that could not get loaded
  • Worker that could not get added
  • Procedure that threw an error

Jitar is a project by Masking Technology